Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board: All the Advantages of the Inflatable SUP and Why Choose To Use It

SUP boards are basically divided into rigid or inflatable boards. Inflatable Stand Up Paddling boards, in particular, are often preferred to rigid ones for their practicality and ease of use, but are they really the best?
In this article we discover all the advantages of the inflatable SUP board. The Stand Up Paddling has now taken the field on the beaches of all Italy, but not only! There are many people who have used SUP boards to paddle on the waters of rivers, streams and lakes all over the world. Today we want to talk about inflatable SUP boards, a truly innovative product that can be easily transported anywhere, with the smallest footprint. But let’s see in detail why you should choose an inflatable SUP board.

inflatable paddle board

Advantages of an inflatable SUP – Inflatable Stand UP Paddle Board

  • Practicality: practicality is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of an inflatable SUP board. Whether you choose the lake, the sea or the river, you can safely take your table properly folded and take it with you with the dimensions of a simple bag. What is certain is that you will also have to carry a good pump that allows you to inflate it quickly, but you can be sure that the result will be excellent and that, once deflated, you can store it in the supplied backpack without any problem. In fact, the deflated table, the pump and the paddle, as well as the assembly accessories, are included in the special backpack of the SUP.
  • Safety: although Stand Up Paddling is not in itself a dangerous sport, it can happen that, falling, you get injured by hitting the rigid board or causing damage to other people. In this case the inflatable SUP board is the safest not only for experts, but also and above all for beginners who will thus avoid creating damage or trauma to themselves and others.
  • Ideal for strengthening muscles: Stand Up Paddling is a sport suitable for everyone and is very useful for toning all the muscles of the body.
    The inflatable SUP board, in particular, offers numerous benefits for physical fitness, toning legs and buttocks and helping to improve balance and self-perception; in addition to this, the pressure exerted by the body on the board to maintain an upright position and move while remaining in balance strengthens the muscles of the lumbar area and the abdominals, as well as promoting correct posture.
  • Excellent in streams: being “full” of air, the inflatable Stand Up Paddling boards are excellent for the most reckless suppers, who love to move and do stunts on the streams.
    This type of boards, in fact, are made with the same materials used for the manufacture of rubbers and military rafts and for this reason they are truly unsinkable, as well as very light and remarkably impact resistant.
    The inflatable SUP is therefore a valid alternative to the board Rigid SUP, for its easy portability and ease of use, which makes it perfect even for beginners and amateurs.
kit per SUP gonfiabile

In addition to the table, the inflatable SUP kit is generally composed of a pump, assembly instructions, a 3-piece paddle and a repair kit, to remedy any damage. It is important to remember that the board it needs the right internal operating pressure, also called PSI, which usually is around 10-15 / bar as inflation pressure: in this way the right rigidity and efficiency in the water will be guaranteed.

What are the flaws?

Compared to common hard/rigid SUP tables, inflatable ones undoubtedly need the pump and need to be inflated and deflated before and after use.
Another weak point is the fact that inflatable SUPs have less stability and tend to lose a little consistency, i.e. to deflate, in case of prolonged use.
However, the great practicality, the ease of use and the greater safety of these innovative Stand Up Paddling boards make them one of the best choices for approaching and practicing this sport.

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